Conserve the Ecosystem

my main theme for this hyper is about conserving the ecosystem these are a few sketches I would be presenting:

  1. These 2 sketches helped me develop my main idea, my first thoughts were of doing a logo of some sort I didn’t really know what exactly I should do, so I started out with these two about a guy holding up the world and it had a before and after.  A world with and without an ecosystem, my thought was do this and pick it up from there.scan1.1
  2. For my next sketch, I then started to think about what the hyper-realism should be that the first 2 didn’t have so then I thought of a dome and inside the dome a nice wildlife system going on I thought this I could turn it into something awesome, it was a quick sketch so it wasn’t as good but I could vision it.Scan 1
  3. I happen to show professor Krikun my sketch and she helped me develop a sweet idea why not instead of a dome, a snow globe instead I thought to myself that sounds amazing so with some thought I developed this idea.scan-2.1
  4. Finally I had made my idea into an illustrated vision with some time for my sketch I think I made a good drawing of what I hope my final project comes out looking like, the background is a desert of some sort with buried buildings added the skull for a more dramatic look of how the world came to be and with it I have the snow globe and inside an ecosystem of how the world used to be now the snow globe will be holding on to a newspaper and showing will be news of how this whole thing came to be.scan-3.1

Now with the help of photoshop and professor Krikun I hope to give some color to this image.


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