Ok… my concept is about saving the ecosystem since the population is growing the resources are declining to the point where there will be global warming, my concept illustrates this type of idea and can make anyone think about saving our ecosystem the only means for natural resources.

  • This is how I started my concept and how my idea will look like its not polished but its my start up composite its a desert looking area with a tidal wave in the back something like global warming hitting, having buildings buried and a snow globe and inside representing what the world used to look like.
  • For these composites I used the lasso tool together with the eraser tool to cut off remaining unwanted edges then I started the blending process to do so I created vector masks to the layers that needed to blend in changed the foreground and background colors to white/black then used the gradient tool to show what parts needed blending and with the help of the brush with soft edge to get that blend just right changed to opacity and the hardness of my brush as I worked on them.

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  • Ok so I have my background now to the important part how to manage to do this snow globe I tried looking for snow globes but the ones I found were not good enough so I figured that I could just make my own I started with applying a lens flare to a black background, used polar coordinates polar to rectangular to change the lighting and to get it just right I used it I used it again but this time rectangular to polar this gave me an effect now to make it transparent I messed around with the channels and created new layers to go on top merged what I needed and got my snow globe now that I had that was another challenge put the image inside now that was tricky I had to work on a separate folder with the image play around with the perspective and transform tools I tried using the spherize tool but it wasn’t until later after I kept playing around and many youtube videos later I found that lens correction worked best gave me a round look to it that was just right, in the end I used the eraser tool with opacity of 20% and below to blend in the rest.

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  • I came up with a nice snow globe now I wanted to create the snow inside the snow globe for that I gave the picture noise and then gausian blur to come up with the snow flakes inside also changed the layer to screen to make it see through.

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