• Recyclable Lumber
  1. For this idea I was thinking on having garbage go into a shredder and instead of shredded garbage coming out there would be lumber made out of garbage instead of cutting down trees to make it why not use the plastic and other recyclable materials.

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  • Before and After a Natural Disaster
  1. I would like to do a portrait where in one side you have a happy person living the life and then on the other side have what a person that has lost everything due to a natural disaster.

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  • Conserving the Health
  1. I didn’t give much thought to this idea but I thought I could do something like have a person that is obese sitting in a couch doing nothing and having an idea of being fit of how opposite and better that life could be.

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  • Conservation of the Ecosystem
  1. For this idea I want to have in a dome wildlife a forest etc. and on the outside have a dry plane/desert just a show of what would happen if we use all of our natural resources.

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  • What if the World Ends?
  1. For this idea it was kinda graphical but I thought I could have someone imagining what it would be if warheads where to go off.

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