For my inspiration I used Pablo Picasso The Three Musicians and Woman Playing a Mandolin.

The concept that I have in mind involves having many different backgrounds to form one background cubism style inside I  will have the 5 different parks from my organization and from these parks I will have a specific animal from these parks doing different activities.

  • This is how I will be starting my cubism composition its a rough draft or what it is.

For this composition I want to have different nature images as a background having the name of the organization that I am talking about and every letter is going to be magazine cutout letters to form the writing within the image I will have the 5 different parks that my organization supports like: The Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo and Central Park Zoo.  I will then have 5 different animals that you can find in these particular parks doing a specific activity.

As I start my Cubism composite I start to think what tools I should use for these pieces I started out by getting different wildlife as well as nature images, I then resized each image and cut out specific shapes and made them fit in my canvas like a puzzle, I then gave each picture an effect in order for the background image to not be so plain and dry for some I have an inner glow, outer glow, bevel and emboss, stroke and inner shadow effect and for a few of the images I used the filter gallery to get an affect look that will help my cubism come alive, also I integrated some of the magazine letters used the polygonal tool to cut the letters out and pasted them in.

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To start finalizing my composition I had to research the specifics. What is each zoo known for? What makes each stand out in its own way?
As I looked into this I found out that:

  1. Central park zoo being small park with 6.5 acres is known for its penguins and the backstroking polar bear perennial attractions, also its children’s zoo, where children can get close to goats, sheep, a cow and a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.  For this image I will be using one of “Gus” a favorite polar bear that was visited by over 200 million people, it died in 2013 and lived for 25 years.
  2. The Queens Zoo focuses on to North and South American animals, tucked away on the Corona side of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, dividing most of its 5-acre space into spacious “natural” habitats: California coast, Northeastern woods, Great Plains.  Queens Zoo has a large geodesic dome and it is the zoo’s home for different types of birds. Other highlights are the big cats like their pumas
  3. Prospect Park Zoo is a hidden gem amongst zoos.  It’s small, very well organized and maintained by the WCS, the highlight and big draw is the Red panda exhibit. Prospect Park Zoo is best known for housing some of the cutest critters around.
  4. New York Aquarium is best known for having some of the best sea lion shows the rascally California sea lions perform three or four shows daily.
  5. The Bronx Zoo is best known for being the biggest zoo maintained by the WCS, they have the best exhibits such as Congo Gorilla Forest, the Wild Asia Monorail, Tiger Mountain, and their newest exhibit, Madagascar.

So I began integrating the pictures that made each park unique. I decided to make each picture in a puzzle form and it turns out that photoshop has a puzzle layout ready to use just one thing it is not there where you open photoshop it is in the program files themselves just have to look for it but once you find it and click on it, it will then appear in the photoshop screen.

This is what a picture comes out to be.



this is some of my progress.

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