These are some sketches that I have made in order for me to start the actual cubism piece.

  • For sketches 1 and 2 I tried making something that involved a specific zoo that my organization supports with other animals now I also tried to put some cubism in it and for the other I just took one specific animal and tried to work something with it giving many perspectives to this animal.
  • For sketches 3 and 4 I did something different I tried having just some of the animals that are in these zoos and making them do a specific activity got some of the inspiration from the painting the 3 musicians by Picasso.  For my 3rd piece I tried making an image where the some animals were playing poker and the last one I tried making something like the 3 musicians but instead they are animals doing the activities.
  • For my last piece professor Krikun gave me a good idea why not combine all three showing all 5 parks that my organization supports and just combine different backgrounds and all 5 parks together and have different animals form those parks doing some sort of activity that fits them.

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