For my collage I decided to take charge and head to the Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, Central Park Zoo, and the New York Aquarium in order to take pictures to use for my collage.  In the end I came up with these ideas:

Smashed Pictures

  •  For my first concept I was thinking in making the Wildlife Conservation Society logo filled with pictures of animals that you would see in their Zoos.


Bits of the five Boroughs

  • For my second idea I thought of having the organizations logo again but instead of animals I was thinking in putting the five different parks and a picture of what they are known for having.

Picture Collection

  • For my third idea I thought that since I’m going to these parks and taking pictures why not do as if I were traveling around the world Im pretty sure that everyone has or has thought of having a pin board in order to pin important things or places where one has traveled along with the ticket etc. I thought of this because I have one in my room of the places that I have been and the airline ticket stub.  I figured this would be great to do.


Wildlife Globe

  • For my last idea I thought of doing a globe with a bunch of pictures that I took from the parks I visited.

Making of Snow Globe



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