Case Study

Organization: Wildlife Conservation Society


For my case study I will be talking about my organization the Wildlife Conservation Society and how I worked on three projects for this organization a hyper-realism, cubism, and a collage.  Before I start I would like to talk about my organization and what it is about founded in 1895, this organization has a clear mission to save wildlife and wild places across the globe.  They currently manage about 500 conservation projects in more than 60 countries; and educate millions of visitors at their five living institutions in New York City on important issues affecting our planet; which are the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo and New York Aquarium. They address four of the biggest issues facing wildlife and wild places: climate change; natural resource exploitation; the connection between wildlife health and human health; and the sustainable development of human livelihoods.  The Wildlife Conservation Society welcomes about 4 million visitors each year and help to educate millions of schoolchildren in science and conservation issues.


For my research I looked into my organization, what they are all about and what they do, I also took the time to visit all of the Zoos in their care to find out more about each Zoo and what made each of them unique and different from the others.

  • the Bronx Zoo is known to be the biggest Zoo having a monorail and about 265 acres, other than the monorail they are big with their tiger mountain and their Congo gorilla forest.
  • the New York Aquarium is big with their sea lion performances even thought now they are still trying to rebuild after hurricane Sandy and in about 2016 they will be opening all of their doors and will have even more attractions and bigger pools for the animals.
  • Queens Zoo coming in as the smallest park in the organization with about 5 acres, it holds a nice aviary dome that one could go in and walk around the whole dome while birds fly by.
  • Central Park Zoo used to be the home of the polar bear Gus who passed away last year and currently they have his exhibit closed for now but on the bright side their penguins are something to see and they are adorable.
  • Prospect Park Zoo is known to have the cutest animals, it is a nice Zoo for kids and I would recommend taking your kids there its so nice they will love it.


For my hyper-realism in the beginning I did not put much thought into what I was going to be doing I was actually lost for the first week in class but eventually found my way.  For this particular project I grabbed all of the pictures that I manipulated from the internet. Professor Krikun’s tutorials really helped me come a long way.  I also happen to have picked up a few things here and there from youtube and from some friends that knew more than me about photoshop.  It is safe to say that this project was hard in the beginning but soon as you knew what you were doing everything was as easy as 123 everything fell in place.


Cubism was that type of art that you have to stare at it in order to understand it I do not know how many minuter or even hours I spend looking at some cubism paintings to be able to get the concept.  For my cubism I was inspired by Pablo Picasso, the three musicians  and woman playing a mandolin also jigsaw puzzles I enjoy doing them that gave me a great idea.

I really enjoyed and liked their polygonal shapes thus how I made my concept.  Now for my concept I didn’t find everything on the internet I used some pictures from there I’m not going to lie but I also integrated some pictures of my own as well.


Collage was indeed a bit easier and I did not have a hard time thinking of ideas on what to create things just flew into mind.  Since I happen to have so many different pictures left over that I took ideas were coming left and right in the end I got inspired by a pin board in my room where I have many things there in a form of a collage that I had to do something similar to it.  In the end I believe that for this project everyone had an idea what a collage was so it was not to hard to accomplish.


When coming up with the ideas there were some that I really did not put much thought into them and others where I did I chose simple ideas so that I would be able to finish the work by the time the next class met.  Unfortunately I did not have time to present my organizations in the beginning, and the class did not pick the organization for me as they did to other classmates who probably got stuck doing their least favorite thing they so happen to have chosen o well lucky for me I picked a good organization and had fun visiting the Zoos in NYC.


For my hyper-realism my thought was to make a desert like world where there is no wildlife and poor ecosystem something like a global warming.  I did not know how to start my concept until professor Krikun gave me a marvelous idea and that was to integrate a snow globe and inside how that world looked like.

This is what I happen to come up with.



While I was working on my cubism the first thing in my mind was shapes so my strategy for this piece was to just stick to polygonal shapes and see what I can arrange with certain images.  I happen to do puzzles in my downtime I find them fun and challenging where there is a bunch of pieces of the same color it get frustrating.  As I was working on my concept I said to myself “why not make the images into a puzzle that’ll be fun” it was not actually fun it required a lot of work and picked up a few hints from youtube videos in the end it was worth it and I find my piece to be really good.

My creation!



At first as I was doing my Cubism I thought I was doing a collage piece but if I did I wouldn’t have had a cubism and had to think of another idea which gotta say it was tough for cubism, so my strategy for collage was to put as many different pictures as i could fit into the concept and just move them around.

originality is what I came up with and got this:



I had many challenges throughout the whole class project from the beginning even until the very end.


Throughout the hyper-realism I needed a to find a snow globe but every single one that I found just made my image look awful.  I needed to make one from scratch but since I was very new to photoshop I did not know how to it, I happened to find helpful videos on youtube that showed me step by step how to make a snow globe as well as a plaque for it, other than that everything was pretty solid.


For this piece there were so many challenges from what do I do, to is this cubism that I am doing.  To be honest I didn’t know what cubism was and had never heard of before.  I also had a hard time finding the puzzle filter.


For this piece all that would challenge me at the moment is time.  Other than that creating a frame was pretty easy


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