Welcome to my Blog, here is a little something about me:


Daisy and Me


Hello everyone, my name is Jaime Diaz I am currently pursuing my dream to be a Veterinary Doctor (DVM), I worked as a veterinary technician for about three to four years, and loved every single moment, I can say it was the best job I have had so far, I mean come on who wouldn’t want to work with animals.  Currently I am a full time student in Westchester Community College, I see it that it is hard manage a full time job in this field and be a full time student, therefore, at the moment I am not working but focusing more in my studies in order to get my career ahead.  Often during my off time Im a dog walker, I also babysit cats, birds, dogs, reptiles, you name it.  I adore animals, their companionship is something special.  Because of my experience as a technician I try to maintain any animal in my care in the best conditions possible.


 2015 is my last year in Westchester Community College, hoping to graduate with an associates in liberal arts math and science by the end of the year.  Hoping to get accepted to University of Pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine in order to start my pre-vet and open the doors to a brighter future.


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