Presentation Guide

For todays presentation I will be talking about:

  • me, myself, and I
  • My page and its features
  • The benefactors
By jaidiazz

This is it!

It is time for me to get my presentation in order and all of my projects together in order for me to start my presentation.  I hope I am not the first to go.  To be honest I don’t like going first, I will do it and do a hell of a job, but I would rather check everyone else’s work first so I pay attention to them and then I present, or do my presentation first and then just doodle or daydream through the rest of the presentations.  I like choice number one.

By jaidiazz

As Time Runs Out

As time runs out and the end of the class is near I panic because I am still not finished with my projects, I hope I get to finish my cubism, collage, and motion graphics projects.

By jaidiazz

Collage Project

ok so I am starting my collage, since the organization that I have chosen manages these 5 parks throughout the 5 boroughs which are the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, and Central Park Zoo. I have decided to visit each place in order to take personal pictures which I could use for my projects thus making it my very own work.

By jaidiazz

Wish I could stop time

As time runs out I rush to finish everything that is due and hope that I give a good final presentation so far professor Krikun’s class has been very helpful and has given me valuable knowledge that I could use in the future.

By jaidiazz

Time for Zoos.

It is about time with now a couple of days left before the class is over I need to rush and take a trip to all of the zoos that are funded by the organization I am talking about and take as many pictures as I can I will be using them for my collage.

By jaidiazz

pen tool

what a useful tool to try to make a specific path or cut anything that has many curves its great finally I’m able to use it after a while of not knowing how to… its used in combination with the command and option button on a mac command to move each dot and option to curve in specific directions

By jaidiazz

Trip to Moma!

Today I had a wonderful trip to the Museum of Modern Arts it was fun and with the help of paintings from different painters I came up with some ideas that are helping me develop even further my cubism concept.  I cannot wait to see my work all finished.

By jaidiazz

Cubism Start

I have managed to start on my cubism piece there were some issues that I was having but all were solved during class just hope that during these next two weeks I finish this cubism composite and hope to not find myself with any more issues even though I have a feeling I will.

By jaidiazz


Ok so it is the start of cubism for the Digital Imaging class after some thought and slacking off I am ready to begin my concept and hope I can create something good time and dedication will tell…. oo boy this is going to be tough

By jaidiazz